Under Doom - Interview with Matt Franklin

Under Doom - Interview with Matt Franklin

Hallo. First of I would like to congratulate you on your new album. Could you start out by introducing yourself and tell us what part in the band you have?
Matt Franklin - Bass and Vocals: Thank you, we're very pleased with it. There's me on bass, Andy on drums and Mayo on guitar. We all do vocals.

Why did you choose this title for the record?
MF: The title is a bit of an in joke inspired by a quote from Stravinski... When his "Rites of Spring" was met with disapproval from audiences he accused them of simply being too naïve to understand his music. We thought this was hilarious.

When did you start working on this album, how long did the process take from the first step to the final product? Was it hard to write new material for this record or did it come naturally for you?
MF: We had gradually been writing tracks for this even while we were recording our previous album. We never have a shortage of material so we had plenty to choose from. There was only 8 months or so between the last album dropping and us heading into the studio for this one.

Where did you record the album, and who produced it? How did the cooperation go between the band and the producer?
MF: The recording process itself was a dream, we worked with Rian Gamble at Futureworks studios in Manchester and the guy is a genius. So laid back too, it barely felt like work at our end. We get on very well, we're already back with him recording a track for a split.

Are you trying to express something through your music?
MF: I certainly hope so! We don't have a political message or anything like that but we like to create a feeling of unease and to challenge our listeners whilst still remaining a heavy and somewhat enjoyable band.

Since the release is only a few days away now, how has the response from the press been?
MF: It's been great, we've had a lot of interviews from overseas and some larger UK publications. We're not an especially marketable band so it’s always a pleasant surprise when somebody wants to share our music or hear what we have to say.

You've already released the first song(s) online for your fans to hear, how has the new material been received from the fans so far?
MF: The first track to be released was "Traitor's Gate" which is one of the heavier, riff-based tracks. The response has been fantastic so far, people seem excited to hear us getting heavier. It's always nice when musicians you admire are complimentary of your material too.

Who did the artwork and what is the idea behind it?
MF: The artwork is by the excellent Blair Shaw of BLAIR DRAWS STUFF. He has an excellent graphic/comic style and we knew he was the man for the job. We wanted something kind of silly and cartoonish to clash with the hideously heavy grind of the music - Blair nailed it!

How would you compare the material on this release to your previous material?
MF: This album is much heavier. It's less obviously melodic but is actually much more dense harmonically. We've become more experimental but also have more straight-up rocking moments. Our label boss Andrew Field of APF Records says that he feels like this is "where we were always going" musically. He's half right, we're going Jungle on the next recording!

What kind of stuff did you grow up listening to, and what kind new music do you listen to these days?
MF: I grew up on punk, me and Andy share Radiohead as a long-term love while he also had a lot of classical and jazz growing up. Mayo has always been very eclectic. Our shared love when we started playing together was metal. These days we try and get in whatever we want, lots of noise rock and experimental electronic genres creep in there these days.

Have any of these bands been source of inspiration for the album?
MF: The latest Swans record was a big influence on us recently. We also really got into the latest Superjoint album and that definitely shows in places.

In your time as musicians, what is your biggest musical achievement so far and what has been your biggest experience through the years?
MF: Andy's first ever band got a track on the soundtrack of Skins and we've all lived in that shadow ever since! Seriously though it has to be this album. We're so proud of it and can't wait to unleash it on everyone.

Could we expect any European tour and maybe see the band in action here in Denmark any time soon?
MF: There is nothing like that booked so far but we would love to come to Denmark. If anybody reading this wants to book a horribly weird band then hit us up!

What would be the ultimate tour, festival or show for you to play at?
MF: We've attended many a Hellfest and would love to play there one day.

Do you have any breaking news with the bands?
MF: We have a split coming out with one of the best heavy bands in the UK. We can't say much more at this point but watch this space...

That’s all we’ve get this time, do you have anything that you'd like to add or say?
MF: Andrew Field is pure sex.

We would like to say thanks a lot for your time. And we wish all you guys all the luck in the future whatever it might bring.
MF: Thanks so much for having us!

Yderligere information

  • Band/Kunstner: Under Doom
  • Interview med: Matt Franklin (Bass and Vocals)
  • Interview dato: Torsdag, 13 December 2018
  • Samarbejdspartner: Polymath PR

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