Drunktank - Interview with Pim

Drunktank from the Hague in Netherlands have recently released their new record "Return Of The Infamous Four" on the danish label 5 Feet Under Records among others. We asked singer and guitarist Pim a few questions about the release. 

Why did you choose this title for the record?
Drunktank took a break for more than a year due to two bandmembers leaving two years ago. Fortunatly Ray and me (Pim) found two great new warrios to help us in our quest. With Fox and Dorian we were a four piece again. Our last album “The Infamous Four” was released in 2010 so this new album felt like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Also because we have a comic theme a title fitting for a second issue felt appropiate. So therefor “Return of The Infamous Four.”

When did you start working on this album, how long did the process take from the first step to the final product? Was it hard to write new material for this record or did it come naturally for you?
The songs were written in a period of almost 8 years because we had some bandchanges and personal quests getting a bit in the way. The recording process started in December 2018 and we had our CD/LP in hands in May 2019. Stokedlevel at that point was over 9000!
Some songs were written in one go and others took much longer. But all songs feel like we made them the best we could at that point.

Where did you record the album, and who produced it? How did the cooperation go between the band and the producer?
The drums were recorded in the “Popcentrale” in Dordrecht with Dennis Boot from ‘When all light dies’ and ‘Pene Corrida’. For the guitars and vocals we made a homestudio using a Kemper Amp and two mics for vocals.
Cederick Forsberg aka Lord Shred, Shredmeister, Shrederick, mighty lord of Shred (all nicknames curtosy by us lol) from Blazon Stone and Rock A Rollas mixed and mastered our album.
We produced the album ourselves but with help from Cederick. He is an outstanding musician and supernice dude! We owe him eternal gratitude.

Are you trying to express something through your music?
It’s a good mix between social and environmental consciousness, self empowerment and just fun lyrics about having a good time. There is kind of a returning theme which is doing something head on and full force. Strike with the power of lightning for example in stead of taking it easy.

Since we are closing in on the release date of the album, how has the response from the press been?
We had some really cool reviews! 8.8 out 10 and another was an online review which was totally awesome. Our lyricvideo’s and real video have been shared on a lot of websites. Also a lot of big players from the scene have given their stamp of approval.

You've already released the first song(s) online for your fans to hear, how has the new material been received from the fans so far?
The response has been amazing so far! All the new song, espcially the ones we did videos for, our being loudly sang along to at our shows. That for us is the biggest compliment there is to get!

Who did the artwork and what is the idea behind it?
Benjamin Paulus from http://www.benjaminpaulus.nl did amazing work. I had a good idea of what I wanted for the artwork. I send him actual stickfigure drawings and a big text of what I wanted. During the design process we had a lot of contact but his first sketch was so sick it didn’t need much. In the end he made something absolutly awesome which I and the band totally agree upon. The response on the artwork has been huge.
The idea was born with the first album. On that cover, which was made by Christian Haremboure of King&Jester design, we had this idea of four “superheros” but with drinking and smoking suits. On this album we took that even further. And also we love Iron Maiden and their covers all look like one whole piece. You also see a returning theme on Descendents and All covers.
We love that idea of albums having a similar feel and look. Therefor we made an effort to have a certain style on each album.

How would you compare the material on this release to your previous material?
Our first album was straight up skatepunk with a hint of metal. This album is more of a skatepunk heart but metal flooing through its veins.
We tried to write singalongs with lots of dual guitar work and riffs.

What kind of stuff did you grow up listening to, and what kind new music do you listen to these days?
For me growing up was with Guns n’ Roses, Metallica and Dire Straits. When I got older I got into skatepunk through our drummer. After that Iron Maiden got introduced and the love for both metal and skatepunk was born. Both genres are still listened to a lot. New music which I listen to is Skull Fist, Enforcer, Lost Society, Evil Invaders (so loads of thrash metal), Gloryhammer, Blazon Stone (Pirate Metal arrghhh) but also new skatepunk bands such as Human Project, Adrenalized, Cigar, Day Oof.
3 inches of blood should be mentioned because its one of my all time favorite bands ever!

Have any of these bands been source of inspiration for the album?
For sure! Iron Maiden is probably something a lot of people will hear in there but also 3 inches of Blood. And also our skatepunk roots coming from No Fun At All, Lagwagon, Pennywise, Venerea and Satanic Surfers.
Furthermore all those bands we see live give you small ideas subconciously.

In your time as musicians, what is your biggest musical achievement so far and what has been your biggest experience through the years?
Recording this album is quite an achievement. From being almost without a band and not recording a lot of songs we wrote to making it finally happen. And doing a lot of it on our. Being involved in the artwork, making videos and recording a lot of music ourselves feels like a big achievement. But also playing supportslots for bigger bands in the scene and playing festivals like Jera on Air and Punkrock Holiday.
Making the video for the song ‘We want more’ was an amazing experience. Working with Roderik Patijn on that video was great. We had so much fun in that whole process. Check that one out on youtube.

Could we expect any European tour and maybe see the band in action here in Denmark any time soon?
We would love to tour a lot but combining personal life/families/work with touring is not easy because of time management. We want to but sometimes it’s just not possible. We have been to Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany in the past and recently to Slovenia to play Punkrock Holiday. We have shows in The Netherlands, Belgium and Finland planned and will be playing some awesome festivals next year throughout Europe. Going on tour for a month isn’t possible for us now.

What would be the ultimate tour, festival or show for you to play at?
Opening up for Iron Maiden in our hometown! That would be so sick.
But realisticly a tour in Japan, Canada or USA would be supercool and something we would love to do.

That’s all we’ve get this time, do you have anything that you'd like to add or say?
Drunktank damaging ears and drinking your beers since 2003 so keep your eyes peeled for a show near you!
If you want to join our Drunktankfamily make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Youtube. We would like to welcome you!

Website: http://www.drunktank.nl
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/drunktankpunks
Instagram: Http://www.instagram.com/drunktankpunks
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/drunktankpunks
Bandcamp: http://drunktankpunk.bandcamp.com/

We would like to say thanks a lot for your time. And we wish all you guys all the luck in the future whatever it might bring.


Lyt til albummet her: https://5feetunderrecords.bandcamp.com/

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Antillectual, Manu Armata, Drunktank, Kensinton Arms

5FeetUnder Records er et forholdsvis nystartet pladeselskab med base i Aalborg, som fokuserer på punk- og hardcoremusik. 2010 har været det år, hvor pladeselskabet er begyndt at udgive plader med andet end lokale bands, så det var på tide at få en snak med selskabets bands, som har udgivet noget det seneste år. I denne omgang er det hollandske bands, som står på menuen. Antillectual, Manu Armata, Drunktank og Kensington Arms er dagens bands i ringen. Så bliver det spændende, at se om Holland nu officielt bliver kendt for andet end fri hash, tulipaner og Geert Wilders.

Revolution Music: What´s the name of your band, and who is answering the questions?

Antillectual: Willem, Riekus and Tom

Manu Armata: We are Manu Armata from Harlingen, the Netherlands. We answer the questions with the whole gang.

Drunktank: Pim: Drunktank; It´s a collective thing, so Tente, Brian, Donny and Pim are answering the questions!

Kensinton Arms: We have been calling ourselves Kensington Arms for quite some time now. Answering are vocalist Smirre/Hidde and guitarist Corné.

Revolution Music: What is the story behind your band name?

Antillectual: It´s a word i made up during detention in high school. Years later we needed a band name and used that word. I´m not sure if we would pick the name again if we did it over, but some people like it, some hate it. It stands for being intellectual, thinking, using your brains and staying critical when you resist, while you are “anti”. Resist through your mind in stead of blindly following other people.

Manu Armata: Manu Armata stands for Armed Hand. We consider our music as a weapon in the struggle of everyday life.

Drunktank: Brian: We needed a name, and, at the time we were really into the Voodoo Glow Skulls. So Drunktank seemed appropriate.

Kensinton Arms: Apparently the idea came up when guitarist Rudy was watching some spooky Ghost Whisperer inspired television show, in which a Californian Hotel with the name Kensington Arms appeared. In the spirit of the famous Eagles hit, one could "check out any time you like, but […] never leave". Since Rudy started the band and is the only original member remaining, I guess that´s as far as the resemblance goes.

Revolution Music: Can you present your band and its members, your history and influences?

Antillectual: we´re Willem (vocals / guitar), Riekus (drums) and Tom (bass / vocals). We´ve been around for about 10 years now, and we´ve had quite some line-up changes. Influences range from 80´s hardrock through 90´s skatepunk to 2000´s emo and 10´s orgcore. People tend to compare us to bands like Strike Anywhere, Hot Water Music, Propagandhi and Rise Against, all of which we really like ourselves.

Manu Armata: We have Heavy P on the bass, Easy E on guitar, DoubleyouD on vocals, and K2TJ on drums. Manu Armata was founded at May 2007, consisting members of All Odds Against Me. We are heavily influenced by NYHC and bands such as Terror, Raised Fist, and good heavy music in general.

Drunktank: Pim: On the axe of evil and backing vocals we have the great Brian a.k.a. B-man. Slapping the bass is Donny, the dominator, Mulders. On the pots and pans and also singing from time to time we have Ray a.k.a Tente. And finally also on the axe of evil and lead vocals Pim a.k.a Pimmers.

In our 7 years of playing we have shared the stage with A Wilhelm Scream (a couple of times actually !..!), Lagwagon, Venerea, Strung Out, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Belvedere, This is a Standoff, Mute, Straighten Things out and many more. In our 7 years we have done tours through the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany and Denmark. We played the biggest free festival in Europe, Parkpop in 2005. And in the Netherlands we played almost every stage there is because we love to play!

The influences in the band differ between All/Descendents to Three inches of blood, Pearl Jam to Iron Maiden, The Rollings to Unearth. And of course the skatepunk we used to listen to such as Venerea, Satanic Surfers, Belvedere, Mute, No Fun At All, Pennywise, Lagwagon, A Wilhelm Scream and much more.

Kensinton Arms: Kensington Arms is a hardcorepunk band from the north of The Netherlands. Its first incarnation released a demo-cd in November 2006 but subsequently proceeded to lose half of its band members, the coming about of which led them to reconsider the amount of manly and moshy breakdown they put in their songs. Once a new solid line-up of (just slightly) less manly and moshy musicians (both bearded and non-bearded) was established, the bands mutual efforts in writing new songs cathartically accumulated in the birth of a brand new, self-recorded, less manly and moshy EP, aptly named ´Songs of Separation´, in the month of December 2008. This instant-classic is filled with poorly pulled off (just in order to keep it punk, of course) technical and adequately performed straightforward riffage as well as hippie-like rambles expressing unsparing disapproval over the destructive ways of our greed ridden society. After the release of their magnum opus, the band went on to perform said songs live, admittedly to mixed response, in front of both Dutch and German, bearded and non-bearded, audiences. After that, one (let´s hope) final shift in band members took place. That is to say, the former bass player quit the band in order to redirect his precious time and attention to more prying matters. Kensington Arms welcomed Aldert into their warm, not-so muscular arms and the gods saw that it was good. The band is now composed of:
Vocals: Smirre
Bass: Aldert
Drums: Joris
Guitar and ever so sweet back-up vocals: Rudy
Guitar: Corné
And as far as influences go, I would say it would be something like this: Refused, Snapcase, Modern Life Is War, Selfmindead, Hopesfall, Engine Down, Poison the Well, and of course Henk Westbroek

Revolution Music: How famous is your band on a scale from 1 to 10?

Antillectual: 11! Seriously though, that´s not really up to us to say. All i know is that we are fortunate enough to play a lot of shows and people listen to our music all over the globe, and they actually seem to appreciate our music and lyrics. On the other hand, we don´t have any stalkers or people following us around in supermarkets, so i´d say we´re somewhere in the middle. What happens when you reach 10 by the way? Hall of Fame? You get murdered? A free sticker?

Manu Armata: 35

Drunktank: Donny: We are very infamous!! Tente: Aren´t we ´The Infamous Four´?!

Kensinton Arms: On a Richter scale, about 2.0 - 2.9 "Generally not felt, but recorded."

Revolution Music: Why are you the best band on 5FeetUnder Records?

Antillectual: Because the only other band on 5FeetUnder I saw live is Drunktank. That´s no competition. ;-)
Seriously though. “Being better than” is not our goal at all, that´s not what making music is about. Next question please.

Manu Armata: We´re the most hardest and brutal band on 5Feet (haha).

Drunktank: Pim: Because we bring a sound from the 90´s skatepunk scene dipped in a modern metal injected sauce. We try to let people relive there youth when they listen to our CD. Bam! That´s wassup!

Kensinton Arms: Because we´re not actually conceited enough to think we´re the best band on 5FeetUnder Records. Also; because some of us have beards.

Revolution Music: Can you tell us about your local scene? Any bands we should google?

Antillectual: the Dutch scene is very vibrant for such a small country. Bands we really enjoy around here are This Routine Is Hell (think Paint it Black), The Real Danger, Sweet Empire (both poppy punkrock), Brat Pack (for lovers of RKL), Midnight Menace (“the dutch Paramore”) and Vanderbuyst (hard rock!). And Drunktank, nicest guys, great music!

Manu Armata: Harlingen is a relatively small city, but when you compare it with other cities the scene is very alive! If you´re interested please take a look at the following bands: Sparky´s Revenge, Born Faced Down, Mundane, Gaping Anus, Chalkboard Stories, Cornered, Coldblooded, SWIMorDROWN, Chelsea Smile.

Drunktank: Pim : The local scene is actually the Dutch scene. It´s a small country so a tight scene. Very cool! Bands to definetly check out are Antillectual (also on 5feetunderecords), Noyalty (great band from Eindhoven) and Poultry. Ray: Don´t forget New Pokerface!!

Kensinton Arms: The hardcore scene in the north of the Netherlands regrettably isn´t what is used to be. Anyhow, some band that are definitely worth mentioning are Greyline, a manly rock/metal outfit that already wreaked havoc on Danish soil with their manly bellowing on several occasions.

Being the self-appointed rockstars we are, most of us are active in other projects . Joris plays in a noise grungeband called Rooster Rampage. Aldert is also active in melodic hardcore pride Anthony Raphael and Corné plays in a freaky noiserock band called Wildbrug. Rudy does all kinds of stuff, from melancholic, folky singer-songwriter music to ska-covers of Belgian Spice Girl look-a-likes. He also organizes and manages a lot of musical projects and shows.

Smirre mostly does nothing particularly interesting at all.

Revolution Music: Do you know anything about the Danish scene?

Antillectual: to be perfectly honest, not much! Alphabeat don´t really count as part of the scene, do they? Hjertestop and Night Fever are both Danish, right? They just played our hometown and that was a great show. And of course the Mighty Midgets whose music I´ve heard and liked but I never saw live. We´ve never played a show in Denmark, but having our record released there will hopefully change that. We´re looking forward to get to know the Danish scene better.

Manu Armata: Tue Madsen is a great producer when it comes to hardcore! If you look at the scene, the only bands we heard about are Volbeat and Straight To Your Face. Great bands!

Drunktank: Donny: We did a small tour around Denmark in 2009. 1000fryd in Aalborg was awesome!!
Ray: Besides that we don´t know much about the Danish scene. We played with The Mighty Midgets a couple of times. Which was a lot of fun! Oh, and Volbeat and The Horrorpops are coming from Denmark!

Kensinton Arms: Not really. I know a band called "Lack", which I thought was pretty neat during their “Blues Moderne: Danois Explosifs” period.

Revolution Music: You have a record coming out, or already released, on 5FeetUnder Records. Tell us about the record in ten words!

Antillectual: it. is. a. marvelous. punkrock. record. go. get. it. now!

Manu Armata: It is really fucking hardhitting brutal hardcore in your face!

Drunktank: Ray: We released our first full-lenght "The Infamous Four" last March on 5FeetUnder Records. Pimmers: Asskicking, Punkrock, Maidennized, WHo-ho-ho, Pennywised, Furious, Fast, Fist-in-the-air, Crowdsurf, Partymusic!

Kensinton Arms: It will be cool. And fresh. And hopefully financially feasible.

Revolution Music: What do you, generally, write lyrics about?

Antillectual: Even though I don´t like to generalize our lyrics I guess you could say our lyrics are “political”. We don´t sing about girlfriends, break-ups, or intimate or personal stuff. We like to discuss things in the world around us, from close to us to far away from us. I think those things matter more and will appeal to more people than stuff no-one can relate to. And it might sound very vague and ambitious, but I think we contribute to a slightly better world this way.

Manu Armata: All the problems we have to face in everyday life, fighting the system, and what we think about the world and society in general.

Drunktank: Brian: The good, the bad and the ugly. Usually the bad and the ugly.

Kensinton Arms: I, the omnipotent Smirre write the lyrics. I write about things I feel or think or dislike. This mostly applies to politics, religion and environment. Sometimes I write about things I don´t like about myself, but of course it´s mostly someone else´s fault.

Revolution Music: What is your most memorable experience with the band?

Antillectual: Pfew, loads! From changing flat tires in the pouring midnight rain to driving 10 hours across Europe to play at Fluff Fest. Personally, what made a big impression on me was playing The Fest in Gainesville, USA. It´s an awesome weekend full of bearded punkrock lovers, a great place to be, and an even better place to play a show. Besides that, playing with bands we really like is always very memorable.

Manu Armata: When we played with Sick Of It All, Madball and Gravemaker.

Drunktank: Brian: Probably a toss-up between opening for A Wilhelm Scream in the Melkweg, Parkpop 2005 (Europe´s biggest free festival!) and the mini stage at Groezrock (hey, it was still Groez).

Kensinton Arms: I guess nothing beats being on tour. There is a certain "je ne sais qoui" about being high on each other´s body odors in a small vehicle in a strange country . Beer plays an important role too, though generally it doesn´t help in making experiences memorable at all.

Revolution Music: Name your three favorite albums?

Antillectual: each of us will pick one, OK?
Riekus: The Get Up Kids - something to write home about. Classic!
Willem: Propagandhi – Today´s Empires, Tomorrow´s Ashes. Made such an impact when it came out, also on our band and its music and lyrics.
Tom: Osker – Idle Will Kill

Manu Armata: Madball – Demonstrate My Style
Strife – One Truth
25 Ta Life – Strength Through Unity

Drunktank: Ray: It´s always hard to pick the best three, but for the moment: No Straight Angles/No Fun At All, Advance & Vanquish/3 Inches Of Blood, Allroy´s Revenge/All Brian: Number of the Beast/Iron Maiden, Career Suicide/A Wilhelm Scream, Shake your Booty/Venerea.

Kensinton Arms: Always a hard one to answer, especially due to the variance in musical taste among us and the lack of musical knowledge whatsoever of certain bandmembers, but on general consensus I think The Shape of Punk to Come by Refused, Relationship of Command by At the Drive-In and Progression Through Unlearning by Snapcase take the price.

Revolution Music: Name your three favorite movies?

Antillectual: same here
Riekus: Spaceballs!
Tom: Gamla man i nyet biler / Vet Hard
Willem: Michael Moore documentaries

Manu Armata: Zeitgeist I
Zeitgeist II
Flodder goes to America

Drunktank: Brian: Army of Darkness, The Blues Brothers, Spaceballs Ray: Army of Darkness it is!!!! But also Predator, Rambo First Blood, 5 Element Ninjas. And ofcourse all movies by Mike John & Vince Vouyer or John Thompson ;-)

Kensinton Arms: Let´s change it to “three of your favorite movies” to make it more easy. I (Smirre) will go with this: Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, Das Leben der Anderen and V for Vendetta. Not doing anything particularly interesting at all gives me a lot of free time though, so I watch a lot of movies.

Revolution Music: Name your three favorite authors?

Antillectual: and again...
Riekus: I really enjoyed reading Kurt Vonnegut, but haven´t been reading anything by him lately. Tom: Multatuli
Willem: I don´t read enough, at all. But if I read it is non-fiction. So I would say Naomi Klein (No Logo, Shock Doctrine, etc)

Manu Armata: We´re more magazine readers about music, naked chicks, stuff, and gardening.

Drunktank: Brian: Feist, George R.R. Martin and Tolkien (yeah... I know..) Ray: I only read books from Dutch authors like Kees van Kooten, Youp van ´t Hek, Wim de Bie.

Kensinton Arms: (Smirre): John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, Douglas Adams and Midas Dekkers. Please note that this makes me pretty nerdy and therefore intelligent, yet socially awkward.

Revolution Music: Name your three favorite words?

Antillectual: Zeitgenössig, croissant, leuk!

Manu Armata: Weestwel

Drunktank: Pim: Music, Love and happy time! Ray: Hurting...stops....when...

Kensinton Arms: “Beard”,”defenestration”, “mekkie”.

Revolution Music: Name three other things you like?

Antillectual: Riekus: dr. Pepper!
Willem: Guitars
Tom:Vegan cupcakes

Manu Armata: Big Beers
Big Macs
Big Tits

Revolution Music: What´s your favorite color? Danish Blue.

Revolution Music: What´s your favorite cheese? Cheddar.

Revolution Music: Name your favorite actor? Nellie Freijda.

Revolution Music: Name eight Indian Dishes? Sorry, that´s too difficult for us, we´re just Dutch people, haha!

Revolution Music: Name your three favorite people? Gerrit

Revolution Music: Ork ork ork, you eat soup with a..? Spoon.

Revolution Music: Who was first, the chicken or the egg? We don´t care.. How does this relate to your record label?

Revolution Music: Do you speak Chinese? No?

Revolution Music: Why? Because we never learned, duh..

Revolution Music: Do you talk to yourself? Well, yes..

Revolution Music: If yes, about what? With all respect, that´s none of your business.

Revolution Music: How famous is your band on a scale from 1 to 10? Well, we already answered that question.

Revolution Music: If you could go back in time; when would you go to and why? We would go back to when Eve ate the apple, so we could prevent her to eat it.

Revolution Music: Do you have pets? Why?

Revolution Music: Well, I´m just curious.. Hm, ok…

Revolution Music: So...? So what?

Revolution Music: Do you have pets? Yes.

Drunktank: Pim: Party, Call of duty and iI´s a cliche but beer.. Ray: La Chouffe, Jagermeister and I´m checking out a lot of nature movies from (or narrated by) David Attenborough lately

Kensinton Arms: Beards, Beer, letters from the Scandinavian alphabets such as å, ø and æ.

Revolution Music: If you could go back in time; when would you go to and why?

Antillectual: I would go to November 5, 1955. Marty McFly went there in Back To The Future! If that isn´t possible, maybe go back to see bands play that don´t exist anymore. Even though there are a lot of reunions these days, I would love to see bands play in the era that they were really active as a band in stead of reuniting for a well paid holiday.

Drunktank: Brian: The Middle Ages. Probably as a Viking or a dragon riding knight!

Kensinton Arms: Probably the sixties, for its optimism, free love and relentless abundance of facial hair.

Revolution Music: Anything to add here at last minute?

Antillectual: Thanks for having us! You can check our music for free or for a donation at http://music.antillectual.com or get a CD or LP at 5FeetUnder Records. Let us know what you think of it. We will be coming over to tour Scandinavia sometime next year hopefully. Until then! Keep up the good work!

Manu Armata: Don´t forget to check us out at www.myspace.com/manuarmata and come to our shows at Februari in Denmark!

Drunktank: Brian: Too... much... pressure...can´t...think....of...anything... Ray: I know a way to the shortcut! Shortcut´s the other way!

Kensinton Arms: We like beards.

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