Professional Murder Music

Professional Murder Music

Revolution Music: Where have you been?? It has been a long time since I've head anything from you guys??
Marisak: For the last year we have been in the studio working on the new CD. We did
everything ourselves from production to artwork. We also were dealing with
leaving our last label and getting our own label started.

Revolution Music: But I'm glad you guys are making music again?! How come it took so long? Has it been hard to make new stuff?
Marisak: It takes a long time when there is no one else helping out with things. But I
still prefer doing things this way because in the end it comes out exactly
the way you want it to.

Revolution Music: You left Geffen Records and created Wormhole Records, so you could have more control? Has it turned out for the better?
Marisak: It's better in the way of not having to answer to anyone and I can enjoy
making music again. The people working with us at Geffen made things so difficult
and not enjoyable that for a while I didn't even want to work on new music. We
don't have all the money and influence of a major label behind us now but at
least we are making music that we enjoy. It will just take a longer to get
people to know we have a new CD out this way but in the end I think we will be
better off.

Revolution Music: Brian Harrah has left the band? And you have got a Tom Logan to replace him. Has that affected the music and the band at all?
Marisak: It has not effected the music yet because he did not work on the new CD. But
we will start writing with him soon. He has brought a new energy to the live

Revolution Music: And have did you get a hold of Tom?
Marisak: He got a hold of us when we were holding auditions. He sent us a tape of his
playing and then flew out to Los Angeles to audition.

Revolution Music: Your new album "Looking Through" witch will be released on October 21st, has it change in style from the PMM we know today?
Marisak: I think our sound has progressed a lot. The sound is similar in some ways to
our first CD but the song writing is much better. I also think my vocals have
come a long way. The songs are really driven more from the melodies now.

Revolution Music: The album will also feature some big artists as Tommy Lee on the song
"Disconnect" and Jason Miller of Godhead on "Don't Stop" Buss McCoy of Thrill Kill
Kult on the remix of "Something New", how did you get them to participate in the
Marisak: Tommy Lee recorded his drums for that track when we did are first CD. He was
at the studio when we were recording and we asked him to play on the song. We
never finished the song and when we were working on the new CD we rewrote the
song around some of the drums and loops from the original version.
As far as Jason from Godhead and Buzz McCoy we know them both and asked them
to work on those tracks with us.

Revolution Music: Your first single from "Looking Through", you sings "When you look into these eyes, do you think anything could stop me.I won't be a part of that mindless shit, I'm in this for real.I'm turning to something new," You say on your homepage that its a testimony of how the last two years have been like, could you explain that?
Marisak: It just the last few years a lot has changed. We left Geffen records and
started our own label. So we are now in control of everything. I like it much
better this way. I don't like being told what to do from anyone and now I don't
have to answer to anyone.

Revolution Music: Do you think you will hit the road soon after the release?? And if so, who will you go on tour with?
Marisak: We just started the United 2 tour with Pigface, Dope, and Rachel Stamp. The
tour goes through the end of the year. We are in the process of getting more
tours set up for the beginning of next year.

Revolution Music: And is there any possibility that you will come and play in Denmark??
Marisak: I don't know when. We want to tour outside of the US. But I don't know when
we will be able to.

Revolution Music: Do you have anything to say to your Danish fans??
Marisak: Just to get our new CD if you want to hear some new music that is a little
different then most of what has been coming out. We spent so much time working
on this music and I think people will like it a lot. We need all the support we
can get so we are able to continue to tour and put out CDs. We don't have the
luxury of a label paying for things. Check out our website www.murdermusic.com

Revolution Music: We at Revolution-Music will like to say thanks for your time. And
wish Professional Murder Music all the luck in the future. And I can't wait to hear the new album.

Yderligere information

  • Band/Kunstner: Professional Murder Music
  • Interview med: Roman Marisak
  • Interview dato: Lørdag, 29 November 2003
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