Parasitic Twins - Interview with Max

Parasitic Twins - Interview with Max

Hallo. First of I would like to congratulate you on your EP. Could you start out by introducing yourself and tell us what part in the band you have?
Max Watt (Guitar/Vocals) - My name is Max. I do guitar and vocals.

Why did you choose this title for the record?
MW - Some things just feel wrong, and thatś when you know you have to do it. Just like our new EP, which is full of demonstrable sonic bullshit and you should listen to it forever and pretend no other music exists. That´s all.

When did you start working on this EP, how long did the process take from the first step to the final product? Was it hard to write new material for this record or did it come naturally for you?
MW - The songs had been brewing for the better part of year. Bits and pieces of riffs fell into place over a long period. building the tunes with Dom (drums) happened very quickly and we recorded it all live in four hours. Eight months of gestation made it a very natural process, and we´ve worked together musically for years, so things happened organically and are all the more full of life for it.

Where did you record the album, and who produced it? How did the cooperation go between the band and the producer?
MW - At Melrose Yard Studios in York! Dom Smith, who is a different human to the man on the drums, is our producer, and a hero.

Since the release is only a few days away now, how has the response from the press been?
MW - Generally positive, I guess. The only press that matters of course is our own. And we´re very pleased and believe in what we´re doing. That´s all that matters.

Who did the artwork and what is the idea behind it?
MW - The legend that is Nick Busfield. Anyone who wants some proper pro artwork done should speak to this guy. He´s super talented, easily googleable, and did the artwork for my other band Rotting Monarchs. The idea was all his to be fair, but I think he went for a kinda ´sick´ look, which you can see with the colour scheme.

How would you compare the material on this release to your previous material?
MW - The Parasitic Twins have no previous material, but the five minutes this EP lasts makes our previous music sound like mere practice for it.

What kind of stuff did you grow up listening to, and what kind new music do you listen to these days?
MW - I started with metal at the age of 11. As I grew into my late teens and twenties I gravitated to punk and hardcore, because it was real, and dealt with relatable issues like depersonalization and things I suffer with, unlike the former, which is mostly imaginative. Punk and hardcore have lived with me since and will til the day I die.

Have any of these bands been source of inspiration for the EP?
MW - For me, it´s nothing but my own instincts. There´s no direct influence. What we´re doing might sound like a lot of doom, or hardcore, but generally it´s all just natural.

Could we expect any European tour and maybe see the band in action here in Denmark any time soon?
MW - Yes. Definitely. We´re going everywhere.

What would be the ultimate tour, festival or show for you to play at?
MW - This Is Hardcore in Philadelphia would make me cry with happiness and vomit with disgust at the same time.

Do you have any breaking news with the bands?
MW - The Parasitic Rejects tour is happening this October with our good friends in The Carnival Rejects. It´s gonna be sick.

That’s all we’ve get this time, do you have anything that you'd like to add or say?
MW - Care for one another and don´t let bastards bring you down. Live for yourself and pursue your own universal bliss, and live subjectively. Also, go fuck yourself.

We would like to say thanks a lot for your time. And we wish all you guys all the luck in the future whatever it might bring.
MW - Thanks for your time, you shining golden Gods.

Yderligere information

  • Band/Kunstner: Parasitic Twins
  • Interview med: Max Watt (Guitar/Vocals)
  • Interview dato: Fredag, 14 December 2018
  • Samarbejdspartner: Polymath PR

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