Revolution-Music: Hallo. First of I would like to congratulate you on your new album “Grime Vs Grandeur” witch was released the 2 nd May.
Stefan Weinerhall: Thank you very much.

Revolution-Music: Could you start out by introducing your self and tell us what part in the band you have?
Stefan Weinerhall: I am Stefan Weinerhal. Main composer and guitarist of the Swedish melodic metal band Falconer.

Revolution-Music: How did the band get to getter and how did you come up with the name “Falconer”? Does it have any special meaning?
Stefan Weinerhall: Falconer is a word that is easy and sounds cool. That's the reason. Falconer got borned as I left my old band Mithotyn in order to make more melodic music with clean vocals. It started out as a solo project but after a while the session vocalist Mathias Blad and my old Mithotyn friend Karsten Larsson joined me.

Revolution-Music: The album is released trough Metal Blade, how did the contract get established, and how are they to work with?
Stefan Weinerhall: They were already interested in Mithotyn since our label just had disappeared into thin air. Since we decided to put Mithotyn to rest that wasn't interesting but I told Metal Blade that I had a new thing going. After they had heard the demo I just recorded they said they were still interested. So I would say that Falconer got the record deal quite easily. I have nothing to complain about regarding Metal Blade. They seem to believe in their bands and always pay the billd and so on. Then of course you might wich that they would dare to advertise outside the strict metal border of the press otherwise it's hard to get new fans. The metal fans already know that we have a new album out.

Revolution-Music: It must be incredibly to be a part in such great roster witch Metal Blade have?
Stefan Weinerhall: Well, that's a matter of taste. They have a couple of decent bands but the bigger majority of the bands is of no interest for me what so ever. But then, I'm not a big metal fan of today's scene myself, I think the best music has already been done.

Revolution-Music: Why did you choose the title “Grime Vs Grandeur” for this record, does it have any special meaning?
Stefan Weinerhall: It doesn't have any meaning from the beginning, it just sounded interesting and good. After a while I came to realise that you could put meaning behind it: GRIME: We have added m ore intensity and roughness to the music. GRANDEUR: We have kept and enhanced the great and strong melodies, a bit cheesy sometimes actually. But I love that.

Revolution-Music: Was it hard to write the material for this record?
Stefan Weinerhall: No, not really. I think I started to come up with the first ideas just before we went on tour in Jan '04. Then I just kept on writing as freely and natural as always. When it came to the time to add things up I saw that I had too many songs so I just threw the lest good away. This time I also had some lyrical help from Kristoffer who did some of the lyrics and also an entire song by himself.

Revolution-Music: When you are making a new album, how do you do it? Could you tell us about you're process was while making this album?
Stefan Weinerhall: I might come up with a riff or an idea one day, then I record it or write it down. After some time I have a lot of ideas but there's no order in them so then I have to glue them together. Some few songs are done in one piece but it's not the common thing. When the song is arranged and done I take it to the rehearsal room and send the lyrics and vocal harmonies to Kristoffer. So you could say it's really a 1 man job. Things are starting to change slowly in this process since more people are coming with ideas but this way is still the most common. I think you get a better result that way instead of jamming with the band cause then you tend to just accept the first idea cause the feeling in the rehearsal is so good. If you write at home you get more time to change and develop each idea to it's perfection.

Revolution-Music: Where did the inspiration for this album come from, both on the musical part and the lyrical part?
Stefan Weinerhall: The lyrical inspiration this time is more based on real life and opinions instead of history and fantasy. I think it's more rewarding to write about something that matters to you. The musical inspiration this time is not music so much but more the feeling within the band since we got the new line up. Everything has felt so positive and intense so that has pushed me to write songs. That might also be the reason why the music on the new album is more intense and heartfelt than before.

Revolution-Music: Where did you record this record and who was the producer on the album?
Stefan Weinerhall: We recorded it Los Angered Studio with Andy LaRocque as engineer.

Revolution-Music: How was it to work with him???
Stefan Weinerhall: As great as always. We have recorded all our albums in his studio. We feel that his knowledge, ideas and vision is very much alike our own so he fits our sound very well.

Revolution-Music: What are you trying to express through your music? Is there a hidden statement?
Stefan Weinerhall: No, just great melodies. Some of the lyrics have a meaning but I don't think many care about the topics of lyrics anyway.

Revolution-Music: How has the album been received by the press, the critics and the fans so far?
Stefan Weinerhall: Way better than the last album. Some say it's the best album we've done others miss some of the folk influences. Some crybabies don't like it because Mathias isn't in the band anymore.

Revolution-Music: What is your view on the groups position in today's music scene?
Stefan Weinerhall: The best band of all modern metal bands.

Revolution-Music: Metal band now days don't make a lot of music videos, are you planning to record any videos to support the album?
Stefan Weinerhall: We have done that. I haven't seen the result. Since record label don't want to sponsor it you don't get that high class videos but have to depend on indie pop quality. The intension was never to be able to promote the album with it cause them you really need to put down some money into it. We saw it more like a fun thing to do. We chosed the song “Emotional skies” because it's one of the best of the album and it's not too complex in the arrangement so first time viewers would get the song the first time.

Revolution-Music: Do any of the members have any side-projects you wish to bring out in the open or are you fully committed to this band?
Stefan Weinerhall: I and jimmy only have Falconer. I don't think I would have the time/energy to have one more band. Karsten and Magnus play in a band called “Choir of vengeance” on not even a hobby basis. Kristoffer sings in the Swedish band Destiny and also a coverband with Magnus Rosén and Stefan Elmgren of Hammerfall.

Revolution-Music: Are you planning to play at any of this summer's festival?
Stefan Weinerhall: Releasing an album in May is not that good if you're looking for festivals cause they are already booked in January/February. So you could say we were a bit too late to get the chance. We have a couple of Swedish shows planned and we're looking for more.

Revolution-Music: Could we expect any European tour and maybe se the band in action here in Denmark any time soon?
Stefan Weinerhall: It seem like there is a big possibility for a support tour in the end of this year in Europe . We haven't anything booked yet but we're talking to our tour agency about it and both of us is hoping.

Revolution-Music: How did you think the music scene is in Europe , compared to the scene in the US ?
Stefan Weinerhall: Way better. You can't really compare them. The US have very little to offer me. Europe have not much but at least there are some great bands. You guys in Denmark for example have Royal Hunt which I love.

Revolution-Music: What would be the ultimate tour, festival or show for you to play at?
Stefan Weinerhall: Supporting Stratovarius would be one of the most fitting things for us. But I guess it's too expensive. I love to play the summer festivals also so let's hope for next year.

Revolution-Music: That's all we've get this time, do you have anything that you'd like to add or say?
Stefan Weinerhall: I'd like to say hello to the Danish fans we have and hope the enjoy the new album. If they don't I just can't understand it.

Revolution-Music: We would like to say thanks a lot for you're time. And we wish all you guys all the luck in the future what ever it might bring. And also a big thanks to Target Distribution for setting up the interview.
Stefan Weinerhall: I wish you the same and hopefully we can come and play in Denmark sometime in the future and buy some Danish beer as a true Swede always have to do. He he.

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  • Band/Kunstner: Falconer
  • Interview med: Stefan Weinerhall
  • Interview dato: Fredag, 27 maj 2005
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