Revolution Music: So I have read you've got a whole new line up:
Kuk - Bass/Backing Vocals
Church - Vocals/Keyboards
Jason Martz - Lead Guitar
Matt Burns - Vocals
Nick Trotter - Guitar
Cam - Drums
Is that true and what happened to the old line up?
Kuk: Yes it's true,that is the new line-up.We just grew apart musically and personally.

Revolution Music: The new line up will still be playing the songs from the self-titled release won't ya??
Kuk: Yes we are playing songs off the first album.

Revolution Music: So are Satone, Bruce Swink, Aaron, Danny Spain in a new band or something??
Kuk: I really dont know what they are doing at the moment, but i wish them all well.

Revolution Music: What role did Shawn Crahan (Clown # 6 - Slipknot) have in your album?
Kuk: Executive Producer-Mentor

Revolution Music: How was it to work with Shawn, as musicians?
Kuk: He is great....a really close friend of mine!

Revolution Music: I also heard that you guys are looking for a new record company? What’s up with that? And are there any record labels in particular you guys are looking for??
Kuk: Yeah we are looking for a new label, we just want a label that believes in us and what our vision is.

Revolution Music: And what happened with Roadrunner Records? Or can’t you talk about that??
Kuk: FUCK Roadrunner!!!.......Thats all i have to say about them.

Revolution Music: So are you guys in the progress of making a new album?? And if so, can u tell a little about it??
Kuk: Yes we are writting a new record, its fucking brutal, heavy and beautifully melodic.

Revolution Music: Is the new album going to be heavier, softer or change in any way from the last album?
Kuk: Since i wrote most the music on the first album, it will still have those elements of DTS that you love, but there is more guitar work and leads.

Revolution Music: I’ve also read on your website-forum, that you will be releasing a Dvd!? Is it going to be some stuff from the studio, from live-recordings or what is it gonna be about???
Kuk: It will have everday life footage of DTS also studio, live perfomance....stuff like that.

Revolution Music: Do you think you guys will ever come and visit Denmark, and show us what music is made of??
Kuk: YES!!....some day soon we hope!

Revolution Music: Last question; do you have anything to say to your Danish fans?
Kuk: Thanks for the support for downthesun...spread the FILTH!

Revolution Music: Then I will once again say thanks for the interview and wish you guys all the luck in the future, and that I love the album!! Great stuff!!
Kuk: Thank You.....Stay TRUE, Stay REAL, and Stay FILTHY!!.......KUK

Yderligere information

  • Band/Kunstner: DownTheSun
  • Interview med: Lance "KUK" Collier
  • Interview dato: Mandag, 29 September 2003
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