Braindead, We Will Fly, The Supervisors

Braindead, We Will Fly, The Supervisors
The Supervisors

5FeetUnder Records er et forholdsvis nystartet pladeselskab med base i Aalborg, som fokuserer på punk- og hardcoremusik. 2010 har været det år, hvor pladeselskabet er begyndt at udgive plader med andet end lokale bands, så det var på tide at få en snak med de bands, som har udgivet noget i årets løb. I denne omgang er det to tyske og et enkelt norsk band, som står på menuen. Braindead, We Will Fly og the Supervisors er dagens bands i ringen. Så bliver det spændende, at se om det store Europa har andet at byde på end forsinket flytrafik, økonomisk nedtur og gode festivaler.

Revolution Music: The name of your band, and who is answering the questions?

BRAINDEAD: I´m Yannig, Bass player and one of two vocalist, answering the questions here.

WE WILL FLY: Our name is We Will Fly and this is Paul (Guitar/Vox) answering!

THE SUPERVISORS: We are The Supervisors, and these questions are answered by Stian.

Revolution Music: What is the story behind your band name?

BRAINDEAD: The Band is named after the song "Braindead" by the Assorted Jelly Beans.

WE WILL FLY: After 3 months rehersing named after the air-refresher in Matti`s car "Victory Lane" we considered we needed something more meaningful. We wanted a name that expresses determination and belief in a better future and yet sounding nice, not being that obvious. We decided for "We Will Fly" together with a Penguin as "Mascot" . Flying mostly means freedom so the name claims the world to become a utopia once, though it may seem quite unlikely most times.

THE SUPERVISORS: At the time when the band was established, all the members had a job as a "supervisor" in different companys.
And since coming up with a bandname sucks monkeyballs we did not care to put any more effort into it.

Revolution Music: Can you present your band and its members, your history and influences?

BRAINDEAD: We´re a threepiece from Hamburg, Germany. We play Skacore in the vein of Bands like Operation Ivy, Leftover Crack, Choking Victim, Against All Authority etc... mixed with some Dub and Rock´n Roll. Basicly it´s fast Ska/Hardcorepunk without horns and without trying to sound "happy". Besides the bands above our musical influences range from a lot of Hardcore/Punk/Crust/Thrashcore/Rock´n Roll Bands to old and new school Dub artists or bands like King Tubby, Dub Trio or P.A.I.N., to name but a few. We started playing in early 2001 but had some breaks and one line-up change. The current line-up has been around since late 2006 I think. We released a Split CD with Civil War from Holland and some self-released EPs and one Album before and went on tour a couple of times, having played in 10 different countries. Our new full length Weapons Of The Weak was released in October 2010.

WE WILL FLY: We are a three-pieced, non fronted, progressiv, melodic Hardcore-Punk Band with three singers, screaming, shouting and raoring their hearts off, on many tours in all of Europe for already 5 years now and with two Studio-Albums out . Matii Eckert tortures the drums and sings the angels or demons voice Patrick Horn wrecks the bass and is the alround talented voice in WWF (Me) Paul Herden scrapes the 6-string and thows up the rancid voice Two of us born in the former "DDR" and one in the "CSSR" our mothers who had to raise us all by theirselves moved to a small city named "Hof" where we met at the time when you start having bands and going to parties.
We knew eachother from our former projects each one of us had back then. When those bands split we came together just for a jam but we wrote 2songs (also on the record "your darnkess shows us the light) and declared this jam to be the first practice of our new band. In 2008 we moved to Berlin to live together.

THE SUPERVISORS: The Supervisors consists of 4 guys, located in Oslo, Norway, and has existed for almost 2 years.

The band has up until now only been present as a "studio-band" and in our rehearsal-locals. This because we did not want to start touring without having a release behind us. The band-members are:

Stian Nilsen - Main vocals, guitar.
Our Icelandic front-man, co-founder and main songwriter.
Influenced by life and everyday happenings more than specific music or artists, but listens most to death-metal and other aggressive metal genres.

Johan Larsson - Vocals, bass.
Co-founder of the band, some songwriting and main source of pulling the bands average height a lot upwards, (since he´s like 210cm..)
Has a long history of being in different pop-punk bands, and is mostly influenced by 90´s and 00´s bands that had a lot of pop in their punk.

Thomas Hansen - Guitar, backing vocals
The guitar hero. Thomas is influenced by, and listens to, music and bands that existed in a period when guitar heros were present on every stage.
The 80´s rock and metal. Still, he has perfected his technique to fulfill the place of a punkrock lead guitarist.

Simen Stensland - Drums
The only one in the band with a actual musical talent. He can play anything. Seriously.. Influenced by everything from polish prog-jazz, to southern norwegian shoegazer-rock.

Revolution Music: How famous is your band on a scale from 1 to 10?

BRAINDEAD: Is 1 the lowest or the highest? I really don´t know, so I´ll just say 5.

WE WILL FLY: *ha ha* yeah right, fame!!!?? Well I shaved my head after my nervous breakdown where I had to give away my children. Matti just fell asleep forever by taking too hard medication, during the preperations for our huge tour and Horn blew his head off with a Pumpgun in his huge mansion, we assume it was his blonde Rockstar wife.
I`d give us a solid 1.5

THE SUPERVISORS: I have absolutely no idea whatsoever, but I would go for 1.

Revolution Music: Why are you the best band on 5FeetUnder Records?

BRAINDEAD: Maybe we aren´t.

WE WILL FLY: There is no best bands, there is differrent bands, we are one band on 5FU.

THE SUPERVISORS: We aren´t. Mighty Midgets are.

Revolution Music: Can you tell us about your local scene? Any bands we should google?

BRAINDEAD: Hamburg has a good punk scene with a lot of concert venues, alternative spaces and Punk bars. Although the city itself is conservative and reactionary, it´s not a bad place to be if you´re into Punk or alternative lifestyles.
Check Orängättäng, U-Lock Justice, Small Town Riot, The Detectors or Attack Of The Mad Axeman for some good examples of Hamburg Bands. Kommando Sonne-nmilch is very popular around here but I´m not really into them. The singer and guitar player are some sorts of scene legends though, having played in like 154 different bands or something.
And of course, a lot of old school Deutschpunk Bands like ...But Alive, Razzia or Slime were from Hamburg, but none of them play anymore except for Slime which is kinda lame.

WE WILL FLY: Well, as we now live in Berlin with the probably biggest amount of good (and bad) Bands in Germany it is hard to tell something that fits for every band and genre. But I can tell that we discovered the Hardcore/Punk Scene in Germany as something smaller then you would think.
We made some good friends, built a few connections but of course there is also people we don´t like, yet the good thing is that either way it seems like whether you are friends with someone or not, your being helped anyway.
It seems that we all feel a common sense of this scene being worth to be support in anyway, leaving personal liking or disliking aside. That seems different from other Punkrock-regions as far as I noticed.
Sure, I will name some very promising young bands from Germany you really have to check out : The Detectors, Smile&Burn, Arcana Cain, The Figgers, Power, Off the hook, NoOpinion and Affenmesserkampf

THE SUPERVISORS: The Norwegian punk-scene was at a top about 10 years ago. Now we are looked upon as dinosaurs.
The norwegian media has an iron fist wrapped around the music-industry and controls what will be the next hype.
And for every year it just gets weirder and weirder. Björk would be seen as too straight and normal for the norwegian charts.. It´s just sick.
But if we were to recommend some good listening, check out these friends of ours : Oslo Ess, Wolves Like Us, Death Is Not Glamorous.

Revolution Music: Do you know anything about the Danish scene?

BRAINDEAD: I know some bands from Denmark like Hjertestop, Night Fever, De Hoje Hale, Gorilla Angreb or of course Paragraf 119. Skarpretter were cool. As far as I know all of them are from Copenhagen. Of course we have all heard first hand stories about the Ungdomshuset eviction, which led me to believe that there is a scene in Copenhagen, although I´ve also heard the opposite since. It´s really a shame I never been there, seeing that it is only a couple of hours away from Hamburg.
Besides that I only know the bands on 5feetunder. We played the 1000Fryd once by the way, it was in 2004 I think. Only show in Denmark so far but I hope this will change in the near future.

WE WILL FLY: Unfortunately not yet, but I hope we will make some more friends and fans in February when we play Denmark

THE SUPERVISORS: Nothing at all. That´s why discovering the bands at 5FeetUnder was such an epiphany!

Revolution Music: You have a record coming out, or already released, on 5FeetUnder Records. Tell us about the record in ten words!

BRAINDEAD: Furious as fuck Skacore Rock´n Roll Dub bastard on the attack! (I hope Rock´n Roll passes as one word here).

WE WILL FLY: Yes, we released our second studio-album called "Bangarang!!" on 5FU.

THE SUPERVISORS: "..supervising the industry.." can not be described in ten words! (That´s ten words!)

Revolution Music: What do you, generally, write lyrics about?

BRAINDEAD: Politics, society, deceptions inside the scene, or a good night out in town.

WE WILL FLY: Society, politics, life, love and anger

THE SUPERVISORS: Misuse of power, abuse of people, wrongs in political ideologies, and the successes of brave people!

Revolution Music: What is your most memorable experience with the band?

BRAINDEAD: Playing a show together with the new band of Dave Mello from Operation Ivy, not knowing it was him and thus missing the chance to speak to him as they left directly after the gig... arrrrggghhhh!!!!

WE WILL FLY: Being eachothers family

THE SUPERVISORS: Our first concert, at Blitz, Oslo, supporting Star Fucking Hipsters. The start of our new band, a band we fucking believe in!!

Revolution Music: Name your three favorite albums?

BRAINDEAD: That changes all the time of course, so I´m gonna settle for a couple of personal all time faves here, in no particular order. 1) New Bomb Turks - Nightmare Scenario, 2) From Ashes Rise - Nightmares, 3) Operation Ivy - Energy.
It´s not really represantative though, I like all sorts of music, and the other band members like different stuff as well.

WE WILL FLY: Pennywise - Straight ahead, Refused - Shape of punk to come, Social Distortion - White light, white heat, white trash

THE SUPERVISORS: Propagandhi - Potemkin City Limits
Raised Fist - Dedication
Dimmu Borgir - Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia

Revolution Music: Name your three favorite movies?

BRAINDEAD: Big Lebowski, El Dia De La Bestia, Youth Wars (google that!)

WE WILL FLY: V for Vendetta, Matrix, Garden state

Lock,stock and two smoking barrels

Revolution Music: Name your three favorite authors?

BRAINDEAD: Charles Bukowski, Hunter S. Thompson, T.C. Boyle.

WE WILL FLY: Sorry, but I do only read non-fiction books.

Jiddu Krishnamurti
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Revolution Music: Name your three favorite words?

BRAINDEAD: Asparagus, Capsicum, Butternut.

WE WILL FLY: "Thanks", "us" and " free"


Revolution Music: Name three other things you like?

BRAINDEAD: Music, Anarchy, Food.

WE WILL FLY: Tofu/Soja, Whiskey, Cigarettes

Football (soccer, that is..)

Revolution Music: If you could go back in time; when would you go to and why?

BRAINDEAD: I´m allright here in 2010. Maybe I´d go back to see some of the bands I missed, but they usually reunite anyway haha.

WE WILL FLY: I am pretty modest, nothing special, I think I would like to be born in the early 70ies to see what it was to live as a hippy. Then, to live in the 80ies so I could witness the Punkrock from its start but also the electronical Popmusic back then, love it!

THE SUPERVISORS: 3 different times! And sorry for the violent ones, this is only hypothetic.
#1 - The Viking Age. Hell yes! Grow a loooong beard, drink ale with my buds, sharpen my ax, and then go sailing! Awesome!
#2 - Around the 14th - 15th century. Somebody got to tell the fucking assholes in the church to listen to people like Copernicus and Galileo Galilei.
#3 - 1860, The wild west. I wanna be a cowboy! Hell yeah, I wanna be a cowboy!

Revolution Music: Anything to add here at last minute?

BRAINDEAD: Thanks for the interest. Check out or record, it was a real effort getting this one out.

WE WILL FLY: keep rocking, fighting and thinking! take care, Paul ^^

THE SUPERVISORS: We would just like to thank all the people out there that has listened to, and liked our band! Our first album is out in about 2 months, and we will tour as much as possible after that! Come see us!
And last, but not least, thanks to all the guys at our friggin´ awesome label, 5 Feet Under! You rock!

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  • Band/Kunstner: Braindead, We Will Fly, The Supervisors
  • Interview med: Various Artists
  • Interview dato: Fredag, 14 Januar 2011
  • Samarbejdspartner: 5FeetUnder Records

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