36 Crazyfists

36 Crazyfists

Revolution Music: Your new album “A Snow Capped Romance” will be released early next year. What can the fans expect of the album?
Brock: Well the fans can expect an album full of positive messages and a lot of ass kickin

Revolution Music: You must have developed much after all you’re touring and experience with other huge and great bands. So are there any changes in your style/sound since ”Bitterness of Star”?
Brock: I think it’s a little heavier but still along our lines, ya know still melodic and deffinatly a growth musically

Revolution Music: Have it been hard writing/making new material after the kick ass debut release?
Brock: No it was a lot of fun writing the new record, mainly because it was a chance to see what was next for us..we hadn’t written a song in sometime prior to this album s everything pretty much flowed out.

Revolution Music: Could you tell us a little about you’re process of making “A Snow Capped Romance”
Brock: It was the same old method for us, holt would start the riff and then Thomas would add the time signatures and them mick would lay down the bass and then I’d lay the vocals over it all.

Revolution Music: ”Bitterness of Star” is one of those albums that just grows on you and gets better and better every time you hear it, can’t that be a problem? I mean many people might listen to it ones and just think its a plain good album and let it be with that, they never gets to love it for what it really is.
Brock: Well that’s the beauty of music, so many different styles for different people. It all effects of differently.

Revolution Music: Does “A Snow Capped Romance” also grow on people? Or is it just great to begin with? Personally I prefer albums that grow on you, those albums mean so much more to me. How do you feel about those albums?
Brock: Well im into bands that come close to taking their life every night on stage..ones that have that raw intensity..and then their times when I like softer music as well if it hits me than I feel it..the new album I think is more focused musically..it may hit you quicker than the last one did.

Revolution Music: Steev Esquivel (Skinlab) helped you out with ”Bitterness of Star”? What did he contribute with? Did he also help out on “A Snow Capped Romance”?
Brock: Well steev lent his vocals to “bury me where I fall” and I loved him for his contribution. But steev isn’t on the new record.

Revolution Music: Is Esquivel a close friend of you guys? Didn’t he get you signed to roadrunner after a gig in Portland?
Brock: Yes hes a dear friend and helped us get a deal.

Revolution Music: Your vocal style is definitely one of a kind, have you taken vocal lessons?
Brock: For the new album I checked out some vocal techniques, but mainly to get a good warm up routine going.

Revolution Music: How would you describe your style and sound? What genre would you place it under? How do you fell about being called Nu Metal?
Brock: Ita all irrelevant to me. I think people try and belittle bands by calling them nu-metal..were a rock band plain and simple.

Revolution Music: Does genre really matter? Isn’t it just about making music the music that you love? I think people thinks to much about the genre today! How do you fell about that?
Brock: Yeah, well I think the journalists need category to help the reader figure it out, so in a sense its necessary. But its when the genre is placed on a band to tell the reader if there good or not, that’s when I have a problem with it.

Revolution Music: I read in another interview with you guys, that you were going to make a video for “Turns to Ashes.", when will be done?
Brock: No we never got the opportunity for that unfortunately..but there will be two vids for the new record, one being for the song ”bloodwork”, and another to be chosen.

Revolution Music: Witch bands and artist do you get you’re inspiration from and look up to?
Brock: Well there are plenty, but i mostly look up to bands like metallica, the cult, only living witness, and well i guess i could just go on.

Revolution Music: Well you are a part of the major record label Roadrunner, how is it to be at the same place as so many huge and great artists are? Does it pressure you to make better music? (Witch I don’t think is possible ;)
Brock: Nah I never think about other bands in that sense.

Revolution Music: You’ve been playing with a lot of great artists, such as Chimaira, Killswitch Engage, 40 Below Summer, Mushroomhead and Five point O, how has that been?
Brock: Been just fine most of those guys are great friends, its always good times.

Revolution Music: If you could pick ANY band to tour with who would that be?
Brock: Metallica or the cult

Revolution Music: Will you be going on world tour with the new album? And maybe come to Denmark again?
Brock: Deffinatly coming back to denmark, holy shit was that show amazing.

Revolution Music: Last but not lest do you have anything that you'd like to add or say to your Danish fans?
Brock: Just thanks for coming out when we played there last yr, pick up the new record and well see you guys all very soon.

Revolution-Music would like to say thanks a lot for you’re time. And wish your guys all the luck in the future. And I look forward to hearing the new album.

Yderligere information

  • Band/Kunstner: 36 Crazyfists
  • Interview med: Brock Lindow
  • Interview dato: Onsdag, 10 December 2003

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