The Doomsayer skriver kontrakt med Candlelight Records

The Doomsayer skriver kontrakt med Candlelight Records

Det italienske hardcore/metal band The Doomsayer, bestående af 4 ud af 5 medlemmer fra det tidligere horror metalcore band Stigma, har skrevet kontrakt med pladeselskabet Candlelight Records, hvor igennem bandet vil udgive deres debut album, infoer om albummet, udgivelsesdato m.m. kommer senere.

Sangeren Stefano ”Vlad” Ghersi har udtalt følgende om kontrakten med Candlelight:

"Candlelight to us has always represented The Tradition in extreme music, having the chance to say we are now part of such a respected and hard working label is mind blowing.

When we heard about Earth Crisis being signed to Candlelight and heard the label plans for us we couldn't hesitate a single moment. We're extremely proud of being where we are after one year we started this band, expect a lot more from us! See you on the road!"

Nedenfor kan man finde gruppens lyrik video til sangen “Fire. Everywhere”.


Candlelight Records beskriver bandet således:

"THE DOOMSAYER has its sights set on world domination – the end, no compromises. Formed from the ashes of STIGMA, members Stefano “Vlad” Ghersi (vocals), Andrea Bailo (vocals / guitars), Flavio Magnaldi (bass), and Stefano Ghigliano (drums) set out to try something different from their previous band. The group combined over 10 years of experience making music together, releasing albums, and touring in a band during the single most tumultuous period in the music industry and focused it all into a new, slick, and fresh package: THE DOOMSAYER.

THE DOOMSAYER steps away from STIGMA's metal roots to create a totally new sound, equally inspired by the likes of modern European and American hardcore top acts, the result has stepped it up a notch above and beyond the perceptions of what these guys were expected to write. The group’s new sound boasts infectious melodies, and tighter song structures while keeping as unrelentingly heavy as STIGMA ever was — if not more!

If STIGMA, which released 2008’s When Midnight Strikes! And 2010’s Concerto for the Undead via Pivotal Rockordings, was known for one thing in its 10 years of existence, it was a keeping-it-real hardcore ethos that set them apart from other bands, which depended on labels for every beckoned call. STIGMA booked its own tours all over Europe, opened for the likes of BLEEDING THROUGH, CONVERGE, TERROR, ARCHITECTS, and was the only local opener on BRING ME THE HORIZON’s 2009 European headlining run. STIGMA’s true-to-life approach to both writing music and slugging it out on the road won the group respect from members of NAPALM DEATH, BRING ME THE HORIZON, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, BLEEDING THROUGH, and countless other bands.

Now THE DOOMSAYER hopes to outmatch all the hard work accomplished in STIGMA and leave no one questioning what these four young men are capable of. This isn’t the end – it’s just the beginning!"


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