Kill-Town Death Fest 2014 - Første bands offentliggøres

Kill-Town Death Fest har annonceret at de vender tilbage med femte udgave af undergrundsfestivalen til september. Helt præcis den 4. til 7. september på Loppen og Undgomshuset.

I første omgang offentliggøres der hele 16 bands, her i blandt det legendariske svenske death metal band Centinex, som blev genforenet her i januar måned.
Centinex har udtalt følgende:

”After a few years in the making it is now time for the rebirth of Centinex. Without interfering or affecting any of the other musical tasks we all have individually and collectively, we can't put aside the fact that a new Centinex album is something we want to do and something that has to be done.

Picking up the spirit from the bands 1992 debut album and by doing a deadly travel from Stockholm to Florida - including a digression to the Ruhr area in 1987 - we have our path and direction ready to be explored.”


Pressemeddelelsen fra festivalen lyder således:

”The time has come to reveal the first announcements for the KILL-TOWN DEATH FEST 2014, the 5ft edition of this international underground Death Metal celebration!
As always, we’ve done our best to gather some of the very finest of what the current death metal scene has to offer and compile it into 4 days of absolutely ear-mangling, throat-slashing and gut-maiming death metal madness!

The dates for the Kill-Town Death Fest V 2014 will be from September 4th – 7th.

Like the previous 4 editions, the festival will kick off with a warm-up show on the Thursday at the venue Loppen, in Copenhagen’s freetown Christiania, then continue with 2 days of pure Death Metal insanity in all of its various forms at the main venue,Ungdomshuset, and then finish off with our Doom Death / Funeral Doom themed day “Gloomy Sunday” at Ungdomshuset. A way we feel perfectly closes the chapter of yet another brutal weekend of sonic ear terror.


The first band announcement (in alphabetical order) is the following:

AUROCH (can) – First European show ever!
BöLZER (ch)
CENTINEX (swe) – First announced comeback show after an 8 year hiatus!
DETEST (dk) – Returning from the dead, first proper show since the 1990′s!
IMPRECATION (us) - First European show ever!
KRYPTS (fin)
MITOCHONDRION (can) – First European show ever!
MOONDARK (swe) - Back from the Grave!
RITUAL NECROMANCY (us) - First European show ever!


So put a big X in your calendar and prepare for the return of Europe’s DEADLIEST underground festival in 2014!

Tickets are now available through the following link.

Stay tuned for more news and see you all in September 2014!

Infectious reekards,
- The KTDF group”

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