Monstrosity indspiller nyt album

Monstrosity indspiller nyt album

De amerikanske death metal veteraner Monstrosity arbejder for tiden på deres nye og sjette fuldlængde studie album. Bandet har skrevet 11 nye sange til opfølgeren af ”Spiritual Apocalypse” fra 2007, som netop nu er ved at blive indspillet. Bandet har givet følgende opdatering:

”NEW ALBUM RECORDING:As of June 2013, eleven new songs have been written for a brand new full length studio album. Drum tracks for a pre-production demo have recently been completed. Mark English has begun laying down guitar tracks and he is about 3 songs deep into it right now. The band hopes to wrap the demo up pretty quickly, and then they will be ready to book time in the studio. Vocalist, Mike Hrubovcak, has completed lyrics for approximately five songs and Lee Harrison will join him in the next few weeks and help finish the lyrics. The songs are coming together the way the band hoped they would and Monstrosity are looking forward to creating another timeless death metal classic. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Kingdom Of Fire", "Radiated", "Cosmic Pandemia" and "Solar Vacuum" and more!!


UPCOMING SHOWS:Monstrosity will be performing at the legendary Hellfest on June 22, 2013. For those unaware, Hellfest is a huge festival in Clisson, France with 6 stages and over 160 bands playing over 3 days. Kiss, Def Leppard, ZZ Top, Whitesnake, Korn, Stone Sour, Immortal, Morbid Angel, Sinister, Ghost and many more are performing.

Monstrosity drummer, Lee Harrison, will be appearing this Saturday June 15, 2013 as a judge at the "War Of Bands" show at the infamous Brass Mug in Tampa, Fl, along with Rob Barrett from Cannibal Corpse and Brian Hoffman from Amon/Deicide fame. There are 10 of the areas best up and coming bands competing for cash and prizes.


MERCHANDISE AVAILABILITY: At this time, all Monstrosity CD titles are available through Conquest Music. Imperial Doom is the only album currently out of print. For European fans, Rise To Power and Spiritual Apocalypse albums are available through Metal Blade Records, Germany.

The "Live Apocalypse" DVD is available from Conquest Music for $15.00 plus shipping. Please visit the Conquest Music website for more information regarding the DVD, CDs, t-shirts, sweatpants and more!! http://www.conquestmusic.com/ Unfortunately, the US postal service has increased shipping out of the country, but Conquest Music tries to keep the postal fees as low as possible.


NEW REHEARSAL VIDEOS: Drum cam videos of recent rehearsals of two brand new songs have been uploaded to youtube. Solar Vacuum was written by Matt Barnes, Dark Matter Invocation was written by Mark English. Watch for more updates coming soon!!!”


Monstrosity - Solar Vacuum 041913 (Rehearsal of new song!)

Monstrosity - Dark Matter Invocation 041913 (Rehearsal of new song!)

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