Hør den nye Carcass sang "Captive Bolt Pistol"

Hør den nye Carcass sang "Captive Bolt Pistol"

Det legendariske extreme metal band Carcass har gjort den nye sang “Captive Bolt Pistol” tilgængelig til streaming, hør sangen nedenfor.
Sangen er taget fra bandets meget ventet sjette album ”Surgical Steel” som udkommer den 13. september igennem Nuclear Blast Records.


Bandet har også fornylig offentliggjort artworket til albummet, som kan ses nedenfor, frontmanden Jeff Walker har udtalt følgende om dette:

“We went back to working with Ian Tilton, who is an iconic English photographer famous for working with THE STONE ROSES”
“He actually did the front cover for Necroticism... as well. We've deliberately tried to evoke the feeling of that album and Heartwork.”


Vi skrev tidligere på siden skevet at Carcass havde skrevet kontrakt med et pladeselskab til udgivelsen af bandets comeback album ”Surgical Steel”, hvilket vil være bandets første fuldlængde album siden ”Swansong” fra 1996, nu er det blevet offentliggjort at kontrakten er skrevet med metal giganten Nuclear Blast Records, hvor igennem albummet forventes at udkomme i efteråret 2013.

Carcass 2013 består af de 2 lang tids medlemmer; guitarist Bill Steer og bassist/vokalist Jeff Walker, og de 2 nye medlemmer trommeslageren Dan Wilding (Aborted, Trigger The Bloodshed) og guitarist Ben Ash (Pig Iron, Desolation, Liquefied Skeleton). Her ved siden af kan man forvente at albummet vil indeholde gæste vokal fra bandets originale trommeslager Ken Owen.


Carcass har givet følgende udtalelse om kontrakten:

"We are pleased to announce that we have found the perfect home for »Surgical Steel«, the first CARCASS album for, what, seventeen years?! We've inked a deal with Nuclear Blast for our new baby. We have to thank Markus Staiger for his enthusiasm and belief in what he heard, but mostly his ability to take advantage of Jeff with a bad hangover when he visited the office in Donzdorf to let him be the first to hear the rough mixes. Nuclear Blast has managed to secure this release despite interest from all the main players in what remains of the metal ‘music industry’. We're also looking forward to working with our pals in the US Office, who have done favors for us behind the scenes over the last few years. On a personal note,Jeff looks forward to his and label manager Gerardo Martinez' friendship to come crashing down in flames and tears in a few months. As long as we don't mention ‘The War’ we think we're going to do just fine with our new Teutonic home!"

Nuclear Blast ejere og grundlægger Markus Staiger har udtalt følgende:

“One of my all-time favorite UK Metal Bands signed recently to Nuclear Blast - it feels like a dream come true. When Jeff Walker let me listen to the new record I knew immediately that CARCASS made one of their best albums ever! It is a perfect mixture of »Heartwork« and »Necroticism« with a massive production to boot. The album is without a doubt just as perfect and lethal as surgical steel itself, and exactly what both old and new fans have waited for eagerly all of these years! I am very proud to say, CARCASS - welcome to the Nuclear family. It is an honor to work with this legendary metal band.”

Den amerikanskepladeselskabsmanager for Nuclear Blast, Gerardo Martinez udtalte følgende:

“First of all, apologies to the many that were wondering where that signing statement was the other day. Well, we didn’t anticipate the prenuptial agreement to take this long but here we are, and about to release to the world what many people said would never happen: a new CARCASS record! All joking aside, this is a dream come true. All I can say is that even the biggest critic, Señor Walker himself included, will find this to be one of the best CARCASS albums. It already sounds like a classic and I can’t wait for people to hear it. ‘Time to die, die in pain’!!!”


”Surgical Steel” er mikset af Andy Sneap, kendt fra arbejde med bl.a. Megadeth, Exodus, Arcy Enemy og Accept. Albummet skulle været mikset af Colin Richardson, kendt fra arbejde med bl.a. Napalm Death, Machine Head, Slipknot og Fear Factory, med Richardson droppede projektet to uger ind i processen, ifølge bassist/sanger Jeff Walker skulle grunden være at han skulle mikse det nye Trivium album.


Walker har i et interview udtalt følgende om det nye album:

"We think we've made a good album, so it's gonna be very interesting when people get to hear the record. We can't wait to see what people think."
"It sounds like CARCASS. Even the drumming sounds like CARCASS. Everything about it… I think it's gonna shock people, how good it is. I think it's got all the elements that people like, yet it still sounds fresh. So that's all I can say, really, 'cause we don't really sound like any other band, and the fact that after 17 years, we wrote music and it still sounds like CARCASS, I think it's good."


CARCASS - Captive Bolt Pistol (OFFICIAL TRACK)


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