ZEROMANCER is on tour right at the moment promoting their new album ZZYZX right at the moment with DELAWERE. I don’t know how to start, it all was some of an experience, but I’ll start with the support DELAWARE. Not something special, a quiet vocal, which sounded like the Danish rock/pop band Sabia, but the music were harder and better. Later when ZEROMANCER was about to play, the smoke took over the scene, then you could see the band coming into the scene out off the smoke, like the creatures of the night, like they owned the whole audience. Alex the front singer, jumped through the smoke and started singing, “Stop the noise!” a song with power at stage, when they start, you could see, who knew the songs, and who didn’t, but everybody in the room went crazy. They have two really awesome vocals; the soft and melodic voice from Alex, and a great strong voice from Kim. The live version is clearly better than the album version. These guys really knew how to blow it all up. They are really into their fans and talk directly to them. It all was quite cool, but you can’t have a concert, without drunken people, who stand at their feet. I was standing right in front of Alex and could see the whole show. Kim was talking Norwegian; this guy really kicked some ass on the scene. The guitarist Chris, and Eric the Keyboard player, could have been more into the music that night, both of them had the opportunity to move more around and jump a bit, but all they did was just playing, I’ve looked a bit at their live videos and I’ve seen them move more around, this isn’t the big deal, they played really good, no shame there. The sound of the music was fabulous, it’s not always you see an underground live band having such a great sound at stage, they are ten times better live than the album version. They also use a lot of time on their fans, as much as they can handle, that’s what’s most importing, they didn’t forget who they played for, it wasn’t one of those shows where they had a plan to follow except the following songs. When they played “Clone Your Lover!” they asked a long haired dude, what the next song was going to be, the dude answered “Clone Your Mother!” and after that Kim asked what it was called in Danish he answered the same, just in Danish “Klon din mor!” I found it very amusing. I’ve always wanted to see them live, because I’ve heard several times that they where awesome at stage, and I can only say that they where right. That song I was most into was “Cupola”, when the guitar solo went on, the whole audience was quiet if they haven’t played, and you could hear a needle fall down at the floor. My own favorite song wasn’t played, but I survived when they played ”Send Me An Angel!” and their old hit “Dr. Online!” which was the last number they played, and when they went off scene people screamed for more, but they didn’t came back. So we have to wait to next time they drop by, and give us a new show, then maybe they would play “flirt (with me)”.

I have chosen to give ZEROMANCER 6 out of 6 this time because of their awesome sound.

Yderligere information

  • Band/Kunstner/Tour: Zeromancer
  • Karakter: Karakter: 6.0
  • Koncert dato: Torsdag, 02 Oktober 2003
  • Koncert sted: Stengade 30
  • By: København

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