About Revolution Inc

RevolutionInc is a group of online magazines, projects and products started by brothers Henrik and Carsten Brogaard. Under the name Revolution Inc you will find all projects started and run by the brothers (except the one-day festival Day of Decay and the Music Society Day of Decay, which was founded by the brothers together with mutual friends and acquaintances), which extends over many areas such as online magazines, a clothing line and music booking, management and promotion.


Revolution Music

Revolution Music is a music magazine, and is the longest running project and the ground stone of Revolution Inc. With its launch in 2003 we started the magazine for our love for rock and metal music, to pass our experiences and recommendations to our readers and help promo bands in our country.

Through all the years Revolution Music has worked with a lot of different partners and still are, we provide these partners with coverage to the best of our ability with reviews and interviews.

Sadly there are more releases and bands, than what we are able to cover, so therefore we have to pick and choose from the releases and review what it is possible, to still be able to provide a quality product that our readers can trust.

If you’re a label or a promotion company and wish to start working with Revolution Music, to get your releases covered and to get your news on our site, we ask you to use our mail form here.

If you’re a band and have a release, cd, demo or something else, please send it to:

Send Cd, dvd and EPs(not demos!) to:

Att: Carsten Brogaard Pedersen
Revlingbakken 77, st. tv.
9000 Aalborg

Send Demos to:

Att: Kevin Nilsson
Kongelysvej 8
8800 Viborg

If you wish to advertise on Revolution Music, this is also possible; we do different kinds of promotion, mostly ordinary banner rotation, but we do also have special banner spots around the page as well as the possibility to do features; this can range from special feature on the site to news and video features. For more and detailed information, please contact us by using our mail form here.
For a little preview you can also look at our advertising site (sorry, it’s currently only in Danish), where you will find pictures to get an idea of what’s possible. Find the site here.


Legion: for we are many

Legion: for we are many is Revolution Inc.’s clothing line for the subculture surrounding the rock and metal community. We pride ourselves in great quality and cool designs.

If you’re a designer who wishes to submit work for possible future clothing line collections, please use our mail form here.


Revolution Booking & Management

Revolution Music Booking & Management is a booking, management and promotion agency that has booked many hundred shows for small and well-known bands, both domestic and abroad. But the main work for the agency is currently management and promotion of a selection of bands.

If you’re in a band or an agency and wish to work with Revolution Music Booking & Management, please use our mail form here.