Zeromancer - ZZYZX

I must admit that Zeromancer have got a new sound again. They use a lot of themes in their songs and make it sound faster than it really is. I was afraid that this album would be in my head for a long time like the last album, but then I said to myself, it couldn't happen twice, but so it did and now ZZYZX is stuck in my head. When I listen to an album I listen to the music and the lyrics, this album had almost everything it needed. With their special sound, and rhythm, they collect the listeners into their own little world. When I say that they got many themes on the whole album, I talk about all the songs has each one theme. When you listen to Zeromancer you know it's ZEROMANCER. I don't think I can't compare them with any other band because of their sound. But I can mention some of their inspirations like Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Gard Machine, Kraftwork, and Deftones. But if you like the old music you'll gonna love this album

I give Zeromancer 5 out of 6 for this album

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