Esoteric - A Pyrrhic Existence

Man kan let undervurdere omfanget af det nyeste udspil fra Esoteric; tracklisten på ”A Pyrrhic Existence” indeholder kun 6 numre, så det er vel hurtigt overstået? Det er det så langt fra, for de fleste numre runder en spilletid mere end et kvarter, så vi i alt når helt op på 98 minutter. Når man dertil lægger, at indholdet er Doom af den allertungeste slags, står det klart, at englændernes 7. album er noget af en moppedreng.
Doom Metal er en genre med begrænset udtryk, og når den kombineres med så lange numre som her, er det svært at skelne de enkelte tracks fra hinanden – man skal virkelig være inde i materialet for at kunne stedfæste en bestemt detalje. I stedet kommer albummet til at fremstå som én lang rejse igennem Esoterics musikalske univers. Og det er en rejse, som handler meget om den stemning, de 6 numre skaber. Musikkens tyngde er det naturlige udgangspunkt for musikken, og når vokalen sætter ind i form af virkelig dyb growl, bliver automatisk trukket med ned – det er TUNGT. Men musikken er mere nuanceret end man skulle tro, for der er ret lange instrumentale passager, hvor keyboards skaber rolige klangflader, og hvor guitarerne tilfører melodi.
Det skaber en udmærket afveksling, så det hele ikke drukner i tyngde med tyngde på. Alligevel balancerer tingene ikke helt for Esoteric denne gang; trods ihærdigt arbejde kan indholdet ikke retfærdiggøre den voldsomme spilletid, så den samlede oplevelse får et hak nedad.

01. Descent
02. Rotting in Dereliction
03. Antim Yatra
Samlet spilletid: 48:10
04. Consuming Lies
05. Culmination
06. Sick and Tired
Samlet spilletid: 49:34

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Skyfire Studio Update

04th march 2009
SKYFIRE's "Esoteric" Ready for Mixing and a Digital-Only EP Release Announced

Swedish progressive death metallers SKYFIRE have wrapped up the recordings for the follow up to 2004's 'Spectral,' entitled 'Esoteric.' The album's music was self-produced at Powernest Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden, while vocals were produced by THE FORSAKEN guitarist Patrik Persson. 'Esoteric' is set to be mixed by Jonas Kjellgren (SCAR SYMMETRY, SONIC SYNDICATE, ZONARIA, THE ABSENCE) at Abyss Studios. The album will be released this fall via Pivotal Rockordings.

Additionally, SKYFIRE and Pivotal Rockordings have teamed up to release a digital-only EP this summer featuring tracks that written after "Spectral" and were never released and will not appear on "Esoteric." More details will be announced shortly.
- Skyfire


27th August 2008
Some good news and some bad...

First, the bad: We expected the recording of this album to take a while, but unfortunately things took longer than we thought. Because we are working with lots of keyboard tracks as well as orchestra and choir samples (this was the big secret we were keeping from everyone, but since things are taking so long it's only fair to let you guys know!), recording this album will obviously take longer than usual. The month of July was especially tedius for us. As a result of the delays, we had to book the mix for next month, so we will hopefully be able to post some new music in October or November. This also means that the album itself will have to be released later than expected. We don't want to make any promises we can't keep, so we will just say that the new album will come out sometime early next year. We know this might come as a disappointment to many, but if you guys were able to wait since 2004, a few extra months should be nothing. =)

Now, the good: Because we are just as sad as you are due to the delays, the band and the label have decided to reveal our amazing new artwork, as well as a cool clip from our recording sessions located at . Check them out! We can also report to you that the music is 100% completed as far as tracking goes. We are just finishing up writing lyrics before we record vocals, which will probably happen within the next few days. As we stated, we will post some new music for you guys almost immediately after we receive the final masters. That's all for now, take care!

- Skyfire


14th April 2008
So we are all 100% decided on the new album title… “E*******”! Perhaps you will be able to figure it out, but if you can’t, don’t worry about it because our label will be announcing it this week! We are very close to finishing the music for the new album and everything is coming out great. For those of you that have asked us to put new music online, we apologize, but you will have to wait until the album is completed. This is because we are trying to keep some of these new elements a surprise but also we want to make sure everything we present sounds 100% at its best. However, the good news is that we’ve decided to do something very special for you guys and videotape a few guitar lessons from Johan when he visits the studio to track leads. These guitar lessons will be based off some licks from the new record and they will be posted on Youtube around the release of the album! That’s all for now,

- Skyfire


26th March 2008
Everything’s going well. The month of March has been especially slow because Martin had to move into his new apartment. More than half of the music for the new album is recorded and after that, Jocke will lay down vocal tracks which we are all extremely excited to hear! Our label reps have heard some rough demos that Andreas and Martin put together and were extremely impressed so we’re hoping you guys will be too! We’re hoping the album will be 100% finished by May or June so that it can see a late fall/early winter release. We are also excited to say that we are negotiating our first European tour in support of the new album and we will keep you updated on that situation.

Lastly, as you might already know we’ve signed a merch deal with SMC Merchandising! The deal will allow easy and affordable distribution to all our fans in the US that have been requesting Skyfire gear for some time now. We’ll have some fresh original designs for you to buy very soon! We’ve got more news as well, but perhaps it can wait for the next update. :)

- Skyfire


13th February 2008
Rhythm guitars, bass, drums, keys, and some new elements that we're keeping under wraps for now are recorded for 4 tracks. There will be approximately 10 songs on the new album so we should be finished in a few months once vocals and lead guitars (including guitar solos from Johan) are done. This album will probably take longer than expected to complete because of the new additions to the Skyfire sound, but we hope that you'll appreciate how much work went into making it once you've got the album in your hands. As far as the material itself goes; it's sounding most in common with our first album (although we´ve tried to incorporate some of the aggressive and energetic sound that we used on Spectral) , but with longer and more epic tracks (one of them will be approximately 8 minutes long). We've got an album title picked out and very awesome and mind-blowing cover art that supports the theme of the title is being painted as we speak by Pär Olofsson. We've seen two rough sketches of the cover and all we can say is that we´re really impressed by his work so far.

That's it for now,

- Skyfire


29th January 2008
(short) Update From The Studio!

Drums, rhythm guitars, keys, and something we can't yet reveal to you are done for 2 songs. 2 more songs will probably be finished by the end of this week! Unfortunately at this point it is too early to tell how many songs will be on the album because we have alot of material written and we are even doing some last minute writing in the studio.

We'll try to get some pictures up soon! In the meantime, head over to our official forum and discuss all things Skyfire with your fellow Skyfire fans.

- Skyfire

Record Deal

Swedish progressive death metallers SKYFIRE have signed with Florida's Pivotal Rockordings . The band has entered Powernest Studios to begin recording their highly anticipated, as-of-yet-untitled follow-up to 2004's "Spectral." Mixing and mastering will be handled by Jonas Kjellgren ( SCAR SYMMETRY ) at Black Lounge Studios ( SONIC SYNDICATE , SCAR SYMMETRY , THE ABSENCE , ZONARIA ).

The group's newest member, ELOHIM vocalist Joakim Karlsson comments:

"I was honored when I was asked to join SKYFIRE . This is a challenge I could never turn down in a million years, and I cannot wait to hit the studio with the band and be a part of this album as well as future albums to come! It's also an honor to be a part of the Pivotal Rockordings family. I'm excited to see what they can do for us and what we can do for them."

Adds SKYFIRE bassist and founding member Martin Hanner :

            "It's been almost four years since we released "Spectral" and we are overjoyed to finally say that we have signed a deal with an amazing record label and will get to work on our next album.  We were talking with a few labels over these last few years, but none of them were as helpful and hard working as the Pivotal Rockordings guys, who we have been in touch with for over a year.  At this point, we couldn't imagine signing with anyone else!"

            "As far as the new album goes, expect the traditional SKYFIRE sound, but also expect some new elements that we have never experimented with before. We also cannot wait to work with Jonas Kjellgren , who will be mixing and mastering the new record. He is one of the most talented up and coming producers in metal right now, and we are certain that he will take SKYFIRE's sound to the next level!"

Adds Pivotal Rockordings co-founder Leevan Macomeau:

"It's an honor to collaborate with such a world-class band as SKYFIRE .  They have had some record label problems in the past and despite everything still managed to build a loyal fanbase!  That alone says a lot about the perseverance and talent of SKYFIRE .  After nearly a year of helping and communicating with the band I am proud to announce their signing of a three album record deal with Pivotal Rockordings !  As Pivotal Rockordings grows out of its baby years, which saw the emergence of world-class acts SONIC SYNDICATE and ZONARIA, and we head into our adult years armed with multi-album deals for deathcore newcomers STIGMA and progressive death metal veterans SKYFIRE, expect us to continue providing a barrage of metallic goodness in 2008!"


Artiklen er overført fra tidligere Revolution Music side, derfor beklager vi, at oprettelsesdato ikke stemmer overens med den oprindelige artiklens oprettelsesdato.

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Esoteric - Paragon of Dissonance

Når man skal graduere musikalsk tyngde, lyder rangordenen: Tung, tungere, Doom, og netop i den sidstnævnte kategori har engelske Esoteric været et markant navn i mange år. Bandets 6. album, som er genstand for denne anmeldelse, er en stor og massiv opgave: Fordelt på 2 CD-skiver er der 7 numre at tage fat på, og med en samlet spilletid på næsten 100 minutter, er der nok at gå i gang med.
Når man tænker på de rytmiske begrænsninger, der normalt hersker i Doom genren, kan udsigten til så lang tid i selskab med monstertunge numre, som kun laaangsomt skrider fremad, virke uoverkommelig – her overrasker Esoteric positivt, for de 7 numre er langt mere afvekslende end forventet.
Selvfølgelig er der mange passager, hvor rytmerne bevæger sig dinosaurtrampende tungt afsted, og fornemmelsen af tyngde forstærkes af Greg Chandlers vokal, som virkeligt er dybt rallende. Ved at lade forskellige små guitarmelodier indgå i disse sekvenser, lykkes det for Esoteric at give musikken et mere varieret udtryk. Men bandet tør at gå videre, og i perioder forlades Doom stilen til fordel for mere rolige og rytmisk mere varierede stilarter. Det er tilbagelænet og virker godt.
Mod slutningen overdrives eksperimenterne, og der er for mange perioder i numrene, som primært består af lydkollager uden ret meget rytmisk indhold. Det bidrager ikke med meget andet end spilletid, og man burde have overvejet en ekstra gang, om ikke de skulle nøjes med materiale til en enkelt CD.
Slutningen kommer derfor til at give ”Paragon of Dissonance” en lidt bitter eftersmag, som ikke er helt fortjent. På den første del af udgivelsen viser Esoteric en spændvidde, som man normalt kun finder i mere teknisk betonede stilarter; derfor vil jeg stadig anbefale albummet - man kan jo altid nøjes med at høre det i etaper.

CD 1:
2. Loss of Will
3. Cipher
4. Non Being

Samlet spilletid: 47:05

CD 2:
1. Aberration
2. Disconsolate
3. A Torrent of Ills

Samlet spilletid: 50:22

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